Mindfulness is one of the sections we will focus on during this Masterclass.

We will cover various mindfulness exercises and techniques that are all designed to help you

relieve stress daily.


Another core tenant of this Masterclass is


Together, we explore numerous ways to incorporate meditation into you daily routine.

Each technique is accessible and

beginner friendly.


The "movement" section covers 10 featured exercises that are scientifically proven to lower stress and relax the mind + body.

All of these modalities were mindfully crafted for easy and practical use on the go, in public, or at work.

What's Included

20+ value-packed modules

The content is broken down into 5 topics over 5 days.

Categories Include:

Mindfulness, Movement, Lifestyle, Daily Practice, and Breathwork

Recorded relaxation tracks designed to help ease your mind + body

An extensive guide of tips and methods for better sleep

Acupressure techniques for stress relief

Meditation styles that don't require you to sit in stillness and silence for 20 minutes

Easy and practical techniques that use your body's biology to

relieve stress and tension

And much more!!